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Medium Complex Large Metal Parts
by Wire Additive Manufacturing

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1. Wire AM vs. Powder Bed AM

Wire AM is a very promising technology for producing large components with moderate complexity, such as stiffened beam. Its strengths and weaknesses comparing with powder bed AM are shown as follows:

N1: Powder BED AM technology can only produce parts of very limited sizes. Becken Metal parts manufactured by Wire AM can reach the size of 6-10 meters long, this enables us to cooperate with industries like aircraft, aerospace, oil and gas etc.


N2: The mechanical properties by Wire AM are better than those by powder bed AM due to its 100% dense structure. Besides, with our top perofrmance wires, we Becken, long-term member of the International Titanium Association, guarantee that our parts will be first-class substitutes for those by cast and wrought.

N3: Powder feedstock is much more expensive than wire feedstock across the board.

N4, N5: Wire AM has a much higher material feedstock utilizaition rate up to 100 % and deposition rate
2-4 times than powder bed AM.

N6: Wire AM will provide the users with a wider range and greater availability of feedstock, more various types of Titanium or Nickel alloys etc.

N8, N9: Powder bed AM has a much higher accuracy and complexity than wire AM.

2. Application

  1. Aircraft frames, structures, and parts
  2. Aerospace
  3. Oil & Gas Equipment
  4. Industrial Pump Components
  5. Nuclear Power Components
  6. Industrial Mould

3. Work Flow


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