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Becken Technology Develop now

acts as an important Company role in
High-Tech Alloys enterprise in
Z-Park, Beijing.
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BECKEN is specialized in R&D and Manufacturing and holds annual production capacity per 100 tons in Titanium Wires (ERTi,Ti64) & spherical powders for 3D Printing or Additive Manufacturing. BECKEN titanium wires (ERTi,Ti64) are silver shiny spooled wire with Low Impurity and Level Winding as well as Superior Strength and Superior Elongation. The diameter of Becken(BECKEN) Titanium Wires (ERTi,Ti64) and Titanium Welding Rods can be 0.1-5.0mm.  BECKEN also can manufacture 3D Printing Parts using ERTi Ti64 by Wire+arc additive manufacture (WAAM).